Board of Directors

2023-2024 Season

President Daniel Mainville daniel@dmmanagement.ca
First Vice-President Erika Johnson erikakj06@gmail.com
Second Vice-President Jackie Tardif jtardif@reitmans.com
Treasurer Larry South larry@litwin.ca
Secretary Nath Nguyen nnpn@hotmail.com
Past President Randy Sewell randysewell@gmail.com


Letter from President

September 18th, 2023

Dear Members,

The 2023-2024 season is about to begin and I hope to see you on the ice or during one of the club’s events.

I want to share with you some of the changes for this season as well as upcoming ones.

Here is the composition of the Board and our responsibilities:

  1. Daniel Mainville, President
  2. Erika Johnson, VP for curling activities and promotions
  3. Jackie Tardif, VP for finances and management
  4. Randy Sewell, Past President for maintenance
  5. Larry South, Treasurer
  6. Nathalie Nguyen, Secretary

As mentioned during the AGM last May, this year will be a year of transition and the main goal is to improve our members’ experience. We have put together a team whose role is to modernize and optimize the club’s operation. The team’s mandate is to ensure the club’s day-to-day operation, review the systems in use, review and document the administrative processes and define the roles and responsibilities of the management team who will be in charge in the years to come.

Here is the composition of the management team for the season 2023-2024:

  1. Alain Bélair (mail@glenmorecurling.com), for management and technological innovation
  2. Daniel Paquette, for curling activities and strategic development advisor
  3. Keith Davidson, for upkeep
  4. David Rich, DEE, for bar operation
  5. Mirko, for ice operation

Undertaken and upcoming activities for this season:

  1. Infrastructure: Once again this summer, we had issues with the drains in our locker rooms. A significant investment was made in the women’s locker room to permanently resolve the drainage problem caused by increasingly frequent and heavy rains. In the men’s locker room, the double lockers will be replaced by full lockers. A committee has been put together to come up with a proposal for the replacement of the header and pipes. The work will have to be undertaken in the near future. We will have a special meeting to present the committee’s recommendation and to get the members’ approval.
  2. Upgrading our IT system: Computer upgrade, secure remote access, significant increase in internet speed allowing the implementation of efficient management systems thus making administrative processes simpler and less costly.
  3. Change for bar operation: Given the significant operating costs, the risk of errors and bad debt generated by the “Chits” payment method, chits will be abolished and all members will be required to pay their bills at the bar at the end of night by cash, debit card or credit card. Furthermore, the bar will be in service during the day for members of day curling.

    *We ask for your collaboration to prioritize payment by cash or debit card and to minimize payment by credit card in order to reduce the operating cost for the club.

Other news: The Baie d’Urfe curling club must make urgent repairs to their refrigeration system and will not be open until the beginning of 2024. We are currently putting together a plan to help Baie d’Urfe with ice time. As such, we expect an increased use of our facilities and bar services in the upcoming months. However, we will not encroach on our members’ ice time (for games and practices).

We hope to see you on September 29 and 30, for regular members and October first for Little rocks/JR, during the Open House for registration. We will be available to answer any of your questions.

Expect future communications as we keep you informed of the implementations of these improvements and the upcoming activities.

Thank you and have a good season!

Daniel Mainville, President


A Little History

The Glenmore Curling Club opened its doors in 1961. It was originally named the Roxboro Curling Club, but the name was changed just before the opening.

Through a combination of debentures sold to the founding members and a floating loan from the bank, sufficient funds were raised to purchase a very large parcel of land. In 1962, the pool was dug, and the club opened for its first full season in 1963.

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Glenmore welcomes the Masters provincial championship 2023!

Glenmore is proud to be hosting the Masters provincial championship 2023 from March 4 to 12.

The women competition will be from March 4 to 7 and the men’s, from March 7 to 12.

Come and cheer on the players! You can also follow all the action on Curling Quebec Youtube Channel as games will be live-streamed!

For players and spectators, you can find all information related to the Masters provincial championship in the the official guide below:


We hope to see you at the club!
Good luck to all players!

Glenmore Curling Club