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October 2016

Elm Ridge Golf / Curling 2016

Elm Ridge-Glenmore Golf & Curling Classic 2016 RESULTS

I would like to thank all the golfers/curlers who participated in the event on Sunday, October 16th. It was a fun day where we all played a 12 hole scramble at Elm Ridge, curled 6 ends at Glenmore, enjoyed a chicken dinner from Cote-St-Luc BBQ, had a few drinks, and ended up playing some poker to finish the night.

Winners 47 points:

Jill Routledge

Felix Asselin 

Trish Anderson

Matt Kennerknecht



2nd Place 43 points:

Bill Foliot

Shaun Casey 

Robert Doran

Keith Davidson


3rd Place (Tie): Scott Leslie Allison Ross Jeff Barkun Stan Fong

Jared Blumenthal  Brahm Blumenthal  Randy Sewell 42 points



Closest to the Pin: Jared Blumenthal

Wesely Halfyard

Pierre Pinard

Poker Winners:

Matt Kennerknecht and Brahm Blumenthal were the last two standing with Matt taking it down in the end.

Congrats to all the Winners! Hopefully we will see you all next year.


Scott Leslie